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‘Nought Week’ — First Mass of Term

16 September
Our first student Mass after the summer vacation at 11:30am at the Franciscan International Study Centre, followed by our free Pot-luck Lunch at St John Stone House.

Welcome Fair

20 September

12noon – 5pm
Come to the Welcome Fair at Eliot Car Park and visit the Cathsoc stall — “The biggest and best...”!

First ‘Regular’ Mass of Term

23 September
Our first ‘regular’ Mass starts at 11:30am on the Sunday before the beginning of the new academic year. Mass is — as usual — at the Franciscan Centre, followed by our free Pot-luck Lunch at St John Stone House.

Visit St John Stone House...

25 September
Enjoy a Free Wine & Cheese Evening, meet our Presidents and new friends, and relax at St John Stone House.

Why Cathsoc?

02 October
Hear from past and current Presidents and former members of the Cathsoc as they share their enthusiasm as to why the Cathsoc is “the biggest and best society on campus...”

International Masses

Each year, we share the Internationalism of the Catholic Church — and the Cathsoc at the University of Kent in particular — by celebrating our International Masses. On these Sundays, different ‘flavours’ transform our celebrations. The Mass, its songs, prayers and readings are all in a particular language; whilst our Pot-luck Lunch continues the same theme with a gourmet meal — with the best dish of that country/region prepared for us!

If you would like to help organising an International Mass, please contact Fr Peter as soon as possible. In previous years, we celebrated African, French, German, Hispanic, Italian and Polish Masses and many more, and we hope to repeat their success in the years to come. Moreover, we encourage groups from all countries/regions/languages to join in and to show their commitment as well!

SVP — Voluntary Support for People in Need

09 October
The Local Student Co-ordinator of the St Vincent de Paul Society, Winston Waller, will show a short video about the work of the SVP and explain how Cathsoc students can change the local community for the better.

Bodiam Castle & Rye

13 October
Our first Cathsoc trip of the new academic year. Enjoy a coach ride through the Kent countryside visiting a medieval castle and then on to the prettiest of the Cinque PortsRye. The cost is only £15 which includes a packed lunch.

A Man for All Seasons

16 October
Enjoy an evening away from the library as you relax at St John Stone House watching “A Man for All Seasons”. This historic and Oscar winning film of the life of St Thomas More, featuring Paul Schofield and based on the play by Robert Boult, is a dramatic presentation of the Reformation crisis in England.

Lourdes — Place of Pilgrimage and Hope

23 October
Cathsoc members share their experiences when they were involved in the HCPT Children’s Pilgrimage to Lourdes which takes place each Easter week (30th March — 6th April in 2013). This is the main charity event supported by the Cathsoc. We try to finance at least 2 or 3 helpers.

Southern Universities Cathsocs at Aylesford

27 October
Following the very successful gathering last year, the Southern Universities Cathsocs are meeting again at Aylesford Priory in Kent.

This will be a memorable day: Mass celebrated by the Archbishop of Southwark, praying the Rosary Way, a period of Exposition, meeting others, seeing Aylesford Priory, and enjoying the Kent countryside.

The trip is being heavily subsidised by the Cathsoc and is therefore exceptional value. We have arranged a coach from St John Stone House leaving at 9:30am and lunch will be provided. We plan to be back by 5pm. All for only £5!


30 October
An opportunity to recover around The Barque Inn as we watch “Molokai” — the Australian film of the life and heroic death of Fr Damien of Louvain.

All Saints’ Day [Holy Day of Obligation]

01 November
Mass at 1:30pm in Eliot Chapel AND at 6:40pm in St John Stone House.

All Souls’ Day

02 November
There are two Requiem Masses which will be offered for the faithful departed: at 1:30pm in Eliot Chapel AND at 6:40pm in St John Stone House.

Guy Fawkes — The Source of Anti-Catholicism in England? + USA Election Night

06 November
A short illustrated presentation about the life and death of Guy Fawkes, accompanied with free Mulled Wine & Baked Potatoes, followed by a relaxing party around the fire at St John Stone House. Later, we will watch the early results of the US Presidential Election!

Anglicanorum Coetibus

13 November
In a TV interview, Fr Peter talks to Marcus Grodi about his life journey and his appointment to the University of Kent. He will then explain an exciting new prospect for Christian Unity and his insights into the future.

Bruges — The Venice of the North

17 November
Visit this wonderful city — “the best medieval gem in Northern Europe” with its beautiful canals and streets. Only £25 for coach and shuttle. Enjoy this vibrant city as it prepares for Christmas...

Karol — A Man Who Became Pope

20 November
Part 1 of the award-winning film (made recently in Poland) of the early life of John Paul II. (Part 2, “The Pope Who Remained a Man” will be shown next term.)

Where Are St Thomas of Canterbury’s Bones?

27 November
Professor John Butler, author of the book “The Quest for Becket’s Bones”, will show a short BBC documentary about his exposé and develop his challenging conclusion.

St Nicholas Quiz

04 December
Two days before the Feast Day of St Nicholas, we have a St Nicholas Quiz with prizes, followed by the ‘Crowning’ of our large Chocolate St Nicholas from Belgium, who — one suspects — will be quickly consumed!

The University Carol Service in Canterbury Cathedral

10 December

This memorable event — the largest gathering in the University year — is by free personal ticket only. It is always oversubscribed! To get a good seat, be there at least by 7:30. Further details will appear on our Sunday news sheet, the University Chaplaincy website, and from Fr Peter via e-mail.

Our World Famous Cathsoc Christmas Dinner

11 December
Good Food, good Wine, good Company... Party till the small hours... All free — at St John Stone House!

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