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[ International Masses | Trip to Oxford | Pancakes Party | Paris in the Springtime | Bishop’s Visit | St Patrick’s Party | Pilgrimage to Lourdes ]

International Masses

Hispanic Mass
Each year, we share the Internationalism of the Catholic Church — and the Cathsoc at the University of Kent in particular — by celebrating our International Masses. On these Sundays, different ‘flavours’ transform our celebrations.

The Mass, its songs, prayers and readings are all in a particular language; whilst our Pot-luck Lunch continues the same theme with a gourmet meal — with the best dish of that country/region prepared for us!

Hispanic Lunch
In previous years, we celebrated African, French, German, Hispanic, Italian and Polish Masses and many more. We hope to repeat their success in the years to come.

Moreover, we encourage groups from all countries/regions/languages to join in and to show their commitment as well!

•  See Spring Term Programme for details

Trip to Oxford — The City of Dreaming Spires

Oxford“That sweet city with her Dreaming Spires...”, so Matthew Arnold wrote in the 19th century, and it is still true today. The golden stone of university buildings with their spires, towers and domes have shaped a graceful and timeless city, which no visitor forgets.

Over 900 years as a seat of learning have made Oxford a very special place but the city also has a youthful feel to it. Oxford is a city of cosmopolitan restaurants and lively pubs, a wide variety of entertainment and excellent shopping. Combine that with an amazing variety of museums and you will soon realise that Oxford needs time to explore.

We are made welcome as guests of the Oxford Catholic Society but the day is free to explore as you wish.

•  See Spring Term Programme for details
•  Further information on Oxford

Pancakes & Plonk Party

Pancakes & Plonk Party
The Tuesday before the start of Lent, Mardi Gras, is known in England as Shrove Tuesday (when people were ‘shriven’, i.e. made their confession) or Pancake Tuesday, since the tradition is that if one is going to fast from sweet things during Lent, they should be used up the day before!

To help us do this, we organise our free Pancakes & Plonk Party at St John Stone House! Each year we try to exceed the number of pancakes cooked and eaten (235 is the record so far!) and enjoy them with free ‘plonk’ (cheap wine, historically from the French ‘Vin Blanc’). Follow this with dancing & relaxing, and we are ready for Lent to start...

•  See Spring Term Programme for details

Paris in the Springtime

Paris in the Springtime
The highlight trip of the Cathsoc year is our Weekend Retreat in Paris each March. Travelling by Eurostar, we arrive in Paris by Friday lunchtime and spend three days as guests of the Bénédictines du Sacré-Cœur de Montmartre.

Situated right by the Sacré-Cœur, near the artist quarter of Place du Tetre, we are able to relax and share the life and hospitality of this dynamic and renewed contemplative community as well as have plenty of spare time to explore Paris.

On Sunday we share the worship of the Community of Jerusalem — a working community in the heart of the city.

•  See Spring Term Programme for details
•  The website of the Sacré-Cœur
•  The website of the Community of Jerusalem

The Bishop Visits the Cathsoc

Student Baptism
Each year, many students use their time at Kent as an opportunity to explore or deepen their faith and commitment. In the past few years, a substantial number of students have desired to be confirmed or to join our Catholic Community. Sometimes this has meant they have ‘come into full communion with the Catholic Church’ from another Christian body; whilst in others it has meant preparation for baptism.

To try to ensure that this major step in these students’ lives is as memorable as possible, our local bishop, Bishop John Hine, presides at our Mass that day. Naturally, such an event is followed by another memorable Pot-luck Lunch!

•  See Spring Term Programme for details

St Patrick’s & St Joseph’s Day Party

St Patrick's & St Joseph's Day Party
Contrary to the image so often falsely given by the media, the Catholic Church in England is not just a branch of that in Ireland, but in fact very English, as well as being international, the latter particularly so at the Cathsoc at Kent!

We don’t, however, let this fact stop us having an ‘Irish’ party around the time of the feasts of St Patrick (17th March) and St Joseph (19th March). With Irish music, beer and dancing we enjoy another memorable night at St John Stone House.

•  See Spring Term Programme for details

The HCPT Pilgrimage to Lourdes

HCPT Pilgrimage
Our commitment to those less fortunate than ourselves is illustrated by our involvement with the HCPT Children’s Pilgrimage to Lourdes. Each Easter week, nearly 5000 children, helpers and medical staff go to Lourdes to make it the biggest English event there in the annual calendar.

As a result of the weekly collections at our Sunday Mass, we are able to financially support two or three student helpers each year (together with the particular handicapped child they care for).

•  The HCPT website

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