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Rebuilding St John Stone House

Although St John Stone House was severely damaged by fire in September 2014, the building of a completely new Catholic Chaplaincy is proceeding apace. We will regularly keep you posted of progress via pictures on this website.

Temporarily, all our activities continue taking place at the Franciscan International Study Centre in Giles Lane, where we also have our Sunday Mass.

As construction progresses, we will let you know how you can make a contribution to our new Chaplaincy, which will hopefully become a new vibrant centre for Catholic life on campus and beyond for the coming years and decades!

St John Stone
Dear Friends and Members of the Catholic Society,

Welcome to! This website is very much for you, and for all those who are interested in the life of the Cathsoc.

For those who don't know (yet) who we are - "Cathsoc is the biggest and best society on campus...", so wrote KRED, the student newspaper, about us in March 2000. Although some time has passed since then, this is still very true. We are open for anyone who wants to join us, and we have the most wide-ranging programme of all societies on campus. And the best of all - Cathsoc membership is entirely free!

Remember our slogan: "Come when you can... Go when you want..."

God bless,
The Cathsoc Committee and Chaplain

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